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Meet our Family!


Michelini Family

Just a local farming family!

With a strong belief in family first. The Michelini family has kept that belief strong and incorporated it into each portion of Country Kids. Established in 1993, Steve and Laura planted their first fields of sweetcorn on their farms intended to be shared with the community. Each year they have expanded to eventually become a staple in the community throughout the summer and fall. Adding produce from other local farmers, homemade items from residents, and products from local businesses. As they have grown they have made sure to share that growth with the community as well. Food donations to the food bank and local charities are done each year through Laura and now Kelsey. It is important to them to always foster a kid and family friendly environment, which is why they host a fall fest with several activities at no cost to attend and participate each year. With each generation has come new and unique individuals that we hope will continue to add to this wonderful family tradition.     

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Steve & Laura Michelini 


Steve and Laura Founded Country Kids in 1993. Their goal was to build a business for future generations of the family and have an environment to teach life lessons to their kids and grandkids.

"It is all for the kids!" 

Steve Michelini
1st Gen Country Kid


The Eldest Country Kid and Co-owner. Steve Michelini is the first born of Steve and Laura Michelini. He added to the family tradition with local farm grown pumpkins in the fall as a cherished part of the country kids product line.

Kelsey Brannan
1st Gen Country Kid

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Co-owner and younger sister to Steve Michelini. Kelsey is the current face of Country Kids and runs all day to day activities. Motivated and kid oriented kelsey believes in carrying on her parents beliefs and desires while expanding and adding to the family tradition.

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